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Facial Peels

What can facial peels do for my skin?

Peels can reduce fine lines, smaller acne spots and scars, superficial blemishes and lesions, improve the texture of your skin and promote a healthy glow.

Young healthy skin is clear and radiant. With time our skin’s natural ability to renew slows down, causing a build up of dead cells leading to a dull appearance. If we have been over exposed to the sun, stress and pollution, this shows on our face by fine lines, age spots or pigment changes.

It is thought Cleopatra’s beautiful skin came from soaking in Ass’s milk. It may have been the lactic acid that was exfoliating her skin!

What chemicals are used?

A range of chemicals can be used but the choice of peel will depend on your skin type, what you want from the peel and if you are prepared for any “down time.” This is why consultation is so important. I will make you out an individual plan for both pre and post peel, depending on your skin and the outcomes you are trying to achieve.

The nature of the compound, the concentration of the chemical and the length of time it is in contact with the skin will determine the level of skin penetration. I adhere to strict protocols and attention to after care and follow up will minimise any adverse reactions you might have.

Depending on your skin condition and results desired, you may have to prepare your skin for two weeks prior to treatment.

Superficial Peel

The product I use for superficial chemical peels contains glycolic acid, which is derived from sugar cane. This product remains on the outer layers of the skin and works to loosen the dead surface skin cells to reveal smoother brighter looking skin.

The peel procedure will entail deep cleansing of your skin then careful application of the peel. You will notice tingling or stinging at this stage. A cooling fan will aid your comfort whilst I keep a close eye on your skin. When the desired time or results are apparent I will spray the area with neutraliser, then add a post peel mask. You will be asked not to wash the treated area till the following morning.

Your skin will be pink directly after this peel but this should fade within a day or two. You may not observe any obvious shedding, but the skin will have been stimulated to turnover more rapidly.

Several peels will be required to reach the desired result.

Medium Depth Peel

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is used for the medium depth peel.

A similar procedure to that of the glycolic peel is followed but instead of a spray neutraliser a post peel mask is applied, which should remain on your skin till the following morning.

Your skin will be red after this treatment but this should fade after a day or two. You will be asked not to wash the area till the following morning. Your skin will flake after this procedure around 3-5 days post peel. This peel will be offered as a course with pre and post peel care. It will take 3 months to complete treatment; a full regenerative cycle of the skin.

The possible side effects of the treatments are redness, itching, swelling, allergic reaction to the products, hyper pigmentation, hypo pigmentation and dryness of the skin.

You will be given detailed post peel care. Please follow the post peel procedure to minimise any side effects of the peel.

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